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Making the decision to stop using drugs or alcohol can be difficult. When these substances are suddenly stopped the human body undergoes tremendous strain. Controlling and managing this process safely is known as detoxification and the resulting symptoms referred to as withdrawal. Drug and alcohol detoxification is a big step to make and we go to great lengths to ensure our patient’s safety and comfort. Under the care and supervision of our addiction specializing physician, patients are provided medication to enable them to sleep and be as comfortable as possible for the time required for the body to fully rid itself of drug and alcohol toxins. Our patients are monitored multiple times per day by highly trained professionals. During the detox period, patient’s typically rest and relax, participating in other activities as they are ready to do so. Because of individual unique body composition, metabolism, period of time using, dosage and what form of substance used we tailor our approaches to meet each patient’s unique needs. Our patient’s all have different treatment plans and participate in activities based on what they want and what they feel works best for them. <br />

Residential treatment is the next step after detox. During this phase our patient’s and therapists concentrate on identifying the triggers that contribute to relapse. Our research indicates that preventing relapse is more complicated than just identifying triggers. Underlying emotional mental health issues play a role as well. Ocean Valley utilizes a comprehensive assessment process that determines what underlying issues are contributing to relapse. This process was pioneered by Ocean Valley and not available at any other treatment center. We offer unique mix between traditional, state of the art technological and Eastern based adjunctive approaches. Our unique open-forum approach to this level of treatment is specifically designed to prevent boredom by facilitating multiple therapeutic experiences. Most treatment centers conduct groups non-stop repeating over and over again the same concepts. In a survey conducted on patients who have been to more than one treatment center 9 out of 10 said that they lost interest in the program and stopped learning because the groups were all the same. At Ocean Valley we have meticulously designed every activity to be both stimulating and therapeutic. A significant amount of our activities are based on recent innovations in addiction treatment and are not available at other treatment centers.

Mental Health Stabilization is needed in some cases in which the chemical balance of neurotransmitters in the brain has been severely compromised and an individual cannot manage depressive symptoms in an out-patient setting. Ocean Valley offers a unique program that has been specifically designed to prevent self-harm and manage symptoms of psychosis affiliated with substances or thought disorders. Most treatment facilities transfer their patients to psychiatric hospitals where they are housed in an environment that can lead to trauma. The Mental Health Stabilization (MHS) program at Ocean Valley now gives individuals options besides psychiatric commitment. Our clinical team has carefully designed our program curriculum and facility common areas to be stress free as well as safe. Our staff is experienced in psychiatric monitoring and crisis intervention. We provide individual therapy daily and employ a state-of-the-art line of sight assessment tool to determine escalation of risk in real time.